About Suzanne

Ever since my early youth I have been fascinated by interior decorating. It started at the Chateau de Versailles near Paris, where I just could not stop looking at all the finery and the details of the floors, furniture, materials, ceilings and woodwork. I still never get bored in working with beautiful materials, colours and accessories.


I have been working as an interior decorator for over thirty years and I get a lot of satisfaction in using, sometimes minimal, changes or means to create an atmosphere of luxury and comfort, which make other people feel happy. A home or an office with its own personality and mood, where one likes to spend time.


I still think back with fond memories of the time when I owned an interior decorating boutique in the Rue du Bac in Paris. I met such interesting people, for whom I was allowed to create dream houses all over the world.  This helped me greatly in developing my own taste and by become the professional I am now, although I think I have never stopped growing since that period.